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Daytona 303E: Furutech

High-end Performance Multi Mode Electronic AC Power Filter/Distributor and surge protection unit

Price: Retail R51,600, Offer R36,000

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

AG-12 Phono Cable: Furutech

1 x 1.2m high performance tonearm (RCA - DIN) cable (OCC), demo unit

Price: Retail 7,200, Offer R5,400

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

Silver Arrows-II Phono Cable: Furutech

1 x 1.2m top-line Furutech Silver Arrows-II (XLR / L-DIN) cable (silver hybrid OCC), demo item

Price: Retail 31,800, Offer R23,000

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

SpeakerFlux Cables: Furutech

1 x 3m pair Furutech SpeakerFlux cables (2x2), pre-owned, mint condition

Price: Retail R52,000 a pair, Offer R28,000 a pair

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

STatement 2.5-way Floorstand Loudspeakers: Spendor

1 x pair Spendor STatement Floorstand Loudspeakers (Ebony inlay, piano black), Mint condition, demo item

Price: Retail R153,999, Offer R80,000!

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

ADL H118 Headphones: Furutech

2 x ADL H-118 Headphones, Mint condition, demo item

Price: Retail R4,050, Offer R3,000

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

Phono Signature: Cyrus

1 x Cyrus Phono Signature Pre Amplifier, Audiophile Grade, Black, Demo unit, Mint condition

Price: Retail R34,999, Offer R28,000

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

Cyrus 6a stereo integrated amplifier: Cyrus

Cyrus 6a 40W/ch integrated stereo amplifier, demo item, Black

Price: Retail R20,999, Offer R13,600

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

D1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers: Spendor

1 x pair Spendor D1 Bookshelf loudspeakers (dark ebony). Demo item. Mint condition

Price: Retail R38,999, Offer R25,500

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

Soundcan: Cyrus

1 x Cyrus Soundcan Bluetooth Speaker, Demo item

Price: Retail R2,145, Offer R1,700

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

ADL EH008: Furutech

1 x ADL EH008 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones. Demo item

Price: Retail R2,970, Offer R2,200

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

ADL A1: Furutech

1 x ADL A1 Portable 24/192 Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC, i-Device Interface, DDC and DSD x2 DAC. Black. Demo item

Price: Retail R6,780, Offer R5,160

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

DVI-D Picture Perfect Ultra Dual Link: Ecosse

1 x 10m Ecosse DVI-D Picture Perfect Ultra Dual Link Cable, demo item

Price: Retail R5,650, Offer R3,000

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za

DVI-D Picture Perfect: Ecosse

3m Ecosse DVI-D Picture Perfect cables, demo items

Price: Retail R1,450 ea. Offer R500 ea

Contact: sales@avcables.co.za



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