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ADL STRATOS Reference 32bit/384KHz USB DAC and ADC, DSD64/128/256 USB DAC, Headphone Amp, Digital PreAmp and MM/MC Phono Stage

The ADL STRATOS is a compact, Reference class Gem to control your Multimedia Audio system

It incorporates a high-performance MM/MC Phono stage and Low Jitter Clock Recovery System that supports `Asynchronous mode` and `ASIO`

As the great jazz composer Sun Ra says, `Space is the place`, and audio enthusiasts all over the globe know that to be true. Most of us live in tight quarters and there`s little room for large, energy-inefficient components. Plus a growing number are using their computers to store and play music. But audiophiles and music lovers still want what they want, better sound and more convenience.

The legendary and groundbreaking ADL GT40, known throughout the world as "the Swiss Army knife of audio components" when it was introduced, revolutionized the home entertainment industry when it came to managing computer-based music systems. The new and innovative ADL STRATOS, however, is set to raise the bar even higher with more features and even better performance.

The ADL STRATOS is more than just a DAC, a preamplifier, a phono stage and a headphone amplifier in one small, portable box. With the STRATOS you get DSD (2.8M, 5.6M and 11.2M), USB (supports PCM 24~32bit/384 kHz) and ADC (24bit/192 kHz max), so you`ll be able manage the largest music collections on your hard drive with ease and flexibility - and outstanding sound quality.

If you need to convert your LPs or other analogue sources to digital, the STRATOS offers a wide variety of options to help you obtain the best sonic results. With its low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays at 384kHz and records at 192 kHz and its built-in high-performance MM/MC phono stage, you can easily record your favourite albums to hard disk via USB. Best of all, you`ll enjoy Furutech`s signature sound - detailed, clear yet smooth - when you use the ADL STRATOS as the heart and soul of nearly any desktop system.

If you`re looking for a powerful headphone amplifier that can drive any pair of headphones on the market, the STRATOS delivers. Whether you use the latest generation of ear phones or the most revealing electrostatic ear speakers available, the ADL STRATOS will allow you to venture and explore deeper into the recording than ever before. That`s because every product from ADL is built with only the finest materials, as well as the most innovative Japanese design principles.

The STRATOS may be small and portable, but it contains an amazing amount of technology. Additional features include L/R analogue inputs, line or phono (switchable MM/MC) inputs, S/PDIF Optical output (for USB, Optical, Coaxial), S/PDIF Coaxial and Optical inputs and a controller that supports both ASIO and Asynchronous modes. The STRATOS also uses the finest ADL cable and Furutech connectors to deliver high-quality sonic results. Indeed, the STRATOS is far more than a classic GT40 with DSD capabilities - every square inch of the STRATOS has been reconsidered and rethought using the latest technology and the latest designs.


- USB Playback Resolution: PCM 24~32bit/384kHz (Max.)
- USB Recording Resolution: 24bit/192kHz (Max.)
- Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz (+/-0.5dB)
- SN ratio: Line Output >96dB, MC Output > 60dB, MM Output > 70dB
- Analog Output Level: 5.0 Vrms
- Line Input Level: 2 Vrms
- S/PDIF Input: 24bit/192KHz (Max.)
- MC/MM Input Level: MC: 0.4mV / MM : 4.0mV
- MC Input Capacitance: 1000 PF
- MM Input Capacitance: 100 PF
- Line Input Impedance: MC - 100 ohm / MM - 47K ohm / Line - 47K ohm
- Headphone Balanced Output Level (XLR 4-pin): 1% THD 1kHz (Max.) 400mW(12 ohm),800mW(16 ohm), 1200mW (32 ohm), 2200mW (56 ohm), 700mW (300 ohm), 350mW (600 ohm)
- Headphone Unbalanced Output Level: 1% THD 1kHz (Max.) 1100mW(12 ohm),1400mW(16 ohm), 1000mW (32 ohm), 820mW (56 ohm), 190mW (300 ohm), 100mW (600 ohm)
- Power Supply AC Adaptor Rating: Erp step2 compliant, 2Wire AC Input Type, Class II, AC/DC Switching Adaptor output DC 15V / 0.8A / 12W
- Dimensions: 215 (W) x 180 (D) x 64 (H) mm
- Weight: 1330g Approx.



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Reviews / Awards

AVSA Magazine - June 2016
"Gives new meaning to the word 'versatility', thanks to an extensive features set that combines a MM/MC phono stage with USB DAC, ADC and headphone amp functionalities. Best of all, it sounds better than the specs and features suggest."

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