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Spendor STatement : 2.5-way luxurious floorstand loudspeaker

The new Spendor STatement floorstand - a distinctive and innovative loudspeaker for discerning individuals.

The Spendor ST (Statement) is a distinctive high performance loudspeaker for discerning individuals. Beautifully styled with a gently curved shimmering black piano lacquer cabinet the ST conceals a wealth of new Spendor engineering and innovation. The sophisticated modern look and individual character of each ST is enhanced by a luxurious fascia inlay. Spendor can design and craft fascias according to the individual preference of each ST customer.

The Spendor ST boasts with an all new Spendor 18cm Kevlar composite cone bass driver and a new Spendor 18cm polymer cone bass-mid driver. Combined with a new wide-surround 29mm tweeter with bi-elliptical acoustic front plate and damped rear acoustic chambers, the result is outstanding sound quality and superb technical performance with good efficiency and high power handling. The clarity, focus, purity and dynamics of this new design are exceptional.

Down to the last detail the Spendor ST is engineered without compromise. To ensure absolute mechanical stability (essential for perfect sound) the base of each ST cabinet carries a set of four machined steel stabiliser discs, these are rigidly attached deep into the core structure of the cabinet. They also ensure the widest possible footprint for good stability.

Spendor will offer a custom service to allow inlays to be realised in a wide range of fine materials, colours and finishes to satisfy the most individual customer requirement. Inlay materials can include natural veneer, metal laminate, leather, fabric and lacquer. Spendor will be pleased to consider requests for the most exotic or luxurious materials, custom art, graphics and corporate branding. The possibilities are limitless - let your imagination flow. The basic selection of standard inlay finishes now includes includes exotic ebony, zebrano, aluminium and carbon fibre.


Description: 2.5 way floorstanding loudspeaker
Enclosure type: Spendor linear flow reflex
Drive unit HF: 29mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling
Drive units LF/MF: Spendor 180mm ep39 polymer cone
Drive unit LF: Spendor 180mm Kevlar composite cone with elastomer damping
Frequency response: 58Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB anechoic
Frequency range: -6dB at 40Hz anechoic
Sensitivity for 1W @ 1m: 87dB
Impedance nominal: 8 ohms
Impedance minimum: 4.2 ohms
Crossover frequencie: 4.8kHz
Power handling: 200 watts unclipped programme
Terminals: WBT Next-Gen 4-way binding posts single wire
Magnetic shielding: All drive units shielded
Dimensions H x W x D: 970 x 200 x 330mm
Net weight (each): 28kg
Cabinet finishes: Piano black lacquer, with std inlay or customised inlay



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Reviews / Awards


Summary of all reviews

HiFi World - April 2010
"..the Spendor ST's are beautifully presented, the quality of the finish is superlative, the feel of the speaker is faultless..." "Everything about the performance of the ST reassures you how 'well honed' it is; here's a speaker with virtually no rough edges." "I was struck by their purity; there's no sense of hearing the drive units quacking in the midband, booming in the bass, or clanging in the treble. They all cross over so well, and don't hang on to the opening transient attack of the note; it is allowed to fall off into the 'blackness of the mix' almost immediately. Unlike most loudspeakers running conventional cones, there's no sense of them showing capacitor-like behaviour, where the energy is absorbed, stored, and then slowly released. Instead the Spendors have an openess and a delicacy that's more redolent of an electrostatic here - but without their problems!"

Deon Schoeman, Audio Video SA Review - February 2009
"Regal but thoroughly accessible and involving performance from these immaculately presented speakers. Deserve top-class ancillaries. Superior bass delivery and control."

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