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Company Overview

Spendor on-location report - Hi Fi News, May 2008

In the mid 1960's a gentleman by the name of Spencer Hughes (the founder of Spendor) was working with the BBC research department. It was during that time he developed the basic design which was to become the BBC LS3/5a. Excelling in its role in acoustic scaling experiments it soon became clear that its reproduction of normal programme material was unparalleled for its size. It still is.

Just what is it that makes a pair of Spendor loudspeakers so respected, so revered and so coveted by audiophiles the world over?

Philip Swift, MD Spendor Audio Systems

Could it be that a pair of Spendor loudspeakers gives you that unique pleasure of experiencing your favourite artistes first hand - as if they were there, performing in your listening room? Quite possibly, but there's more to it than that. It's about heritage. It's about understanding. Moreover it's about experience. Absolutely nothing is left to chance.

Spendor's drive units are doped to produce a consistent response throughout the frequency range and finally matched to within 0.5 to 1 dB. The cross-overs employ close tolerance components together with hand wound inductors to precisely integrate the drive units and thereby ensuring a seamless transition over the entire audio spectrum. The cabinets are lovingly hand crafted from the finest materials and finished in a glorious range of rich, real-wood veneers. Then they are tried and listened to. Only by listening can the engineers of Spendor be assured that a pair of loudspeakers deserve the name 'Spendor'.

Spendor has an enviable reputation for producing loudspeakers of exceptional musicality. For over forty years a succession of distinctive and innovative products has set a reference standard for consumer and professional users. Many Spendor design have earned international cult status amongst discerning audiophiles and sound engineers.

Embodying the virtues of such classics as the legendary Spendor BC1 and LS3/5a, the Spendor A-line and new D-line combines the fines construction techniques with Spendor's in-house drive unit technology, and is the result of a development programme in which Spendor's engineering expertise has been applied simultaneously with fresh technical input and elegant modern industrial design.

Spendor loudspeakers includes desigs for both stereo, surround sound and home theatre applications. Each model maintains the 'Spendor Magic', a beautifully balanced natural sound that preserves the energy and emotion of any original performance.

Linear-flow Bass Reflex Loading
- Air flows smoothly along gently tapered large cross-section enclosure
- Floor level port integrated into cabinet structure for enhanced rigidity
- Port aspect ratios and profiles eliminate self-resonance and reflection
- Non-coherent mid-band radiation (colouration) from port is eliminated
- Laminar (non-turbulent) air flow and low distortion

Acoustically Engineered Grilles
- Spendor grilles are engineered for optimum sound
- Special geometry and edge profiling with layer oriented fibre absorbers

Cabinet Design
- Internally braced for high rigidity and to control break-up modes
- High mass visco-elastic damping panels bonded to cabinet walls
- Profile lined with ultra-low reflectivity acoustic grade foam
- Cabinet stabiliser

Spendor Drive Units
- Meticulous production quality control of all components
- All Spendor drive units have deep profiled cones for true linear operation

Crossover Design & Components
- Balanced frequency, phase and dispersion response
- High purity mono-crystal copper, silver plated wiring
- Low loss polypropylene capacitors and high linearity magnetics
- Hand made air-cored auto-transformer inductors
- Twin terminals to allow bi-wiring

Broadcast Standards
- All Spendor loudspeakers matched to within 1 dB across the audio spectrum
- All drive units & crossovers calibrated and pair matched to within 0.5 dB

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