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Company Overview

Ecosse Reference - Philosophy and Mission Statement

Ecosse Reference is a specialist company engaged in the design and manufacture of low voltage signal analogue, RF and digital interconnects. The commitment of its principals, everyone committed music and hi-fi /audio-visual enthusiasts, is to provide the highest quality products at prices which reflect today's value for money.

Close working alliances, extensive research and testing (and re-testing), ever- evolving product design, effort and the love of music culminated in the introduction - in 1996 - of Ecosse' first success in the field-our sonically vastly superior, patented MonocrystalTM copper and silver conductor products. Since '96 our MonocrystalTM loudspeaker and interconnect designs have swept the boards at countless award ceremonies and comparative magazine evaluation tests-and this is no idle boast, you just need to examine this website for confirmation.

Our MonocrystalTM success heralded the introduction, a year later, of our ambitious ultra-high quality, (and now) multi-award winning low-cost Oxygen Free Copper products. Frankly, the unbelievable success of these cables, across the board, has confounded our cumbersome, highly expensive competitors - and surprised even us at times!

We introduced Super Monocrystal (SMS) in 2004 - our pioneering commitment to the advancement of vastly-superior conductor technology. First in this exclusive range is our SMS2.3 and 2.4 loudspeaker cables.

But reviews and awards aren't everything. It's the hundreds of testimonials we get every year from satisfied and enthusiastic customers and dealers alike that drive us on, that motivates our close-knit hugely knowledgeable team of hi-fi, music and professional recording-studio industry experts to provide ever-improved solutions at lower cost to the end-user.

We strive to keep things simple: appropriate high resolution interconnects are designed to be dedicated to their respective interfaces in the audio or video chain. Speaker cables employ high quality 'low-loss' dielectrics in order to facilitate the long runs necessary in modern esoteric hi-fi and multi-room or home cinema systems. Speaker cables are also made available in a variety of sizes, since the size and type can influence the depth, clarity and timbre of sound.

Our loudspeaker and interconnect cables, and the recently introduced Mains AC PowerChordsTM will transmit, without deletion, all the information and excitement contained in the original recording.

Elliot Davis, MD Ecosse

Why? Ecosse People are Music People-first and always! In hi-fi terms Ecosse can genuinely lay claim to being the only hi-fi company in the world drawn from a team of Audio Professionals allied with successful individuals from the fields of recording, promoting/managing and playing music!

From our extensive and growing range of cables, we have interconnects, loudspeaker and powerchord cables to match with your hardware and with your aspirations. For optimum performance we recommend the matching of conductor types and our cable synergy chart offers an easy guide to the appropriate cable match.

It should be noted that each cable is specifically designed for its application and its termination chosen to maximise its performance. We use the highest quality materials not only in our cables but also in our unique plug terminations. So whether your requirements are for two-channel or for multi-channel, audio or visual; and whether your hardware is of modest cost or obscene, we have a cable to satisfy your needs.

How? ...never before has cable conductor material of this purity and construction quality been available at these prices to the mainstream audio market - and with such quality terminations - our MonocrystalTM copper and silver RCA and XLR plugs are the best available!

A Promise! Here at Ecosse Reference we guarantee to fulfil your every need. If you cannot find the lengths of cable you require, or your system requires an unusual combination, Ecosse can do it - just ask!

Now! If you wish to optimise the sound and picture quality of your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema System, you need to know the factors determining cable quality.

If it would help to know which cable best suits your hi-fi or home cinema system we recommend you check out choosing the right cable.

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