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With Spendor loudspeakers the transition from 2 channel stereo to surround sound is truly seamless, just like the sound. Dedicated centre channel speakers and surround sound speakers (either wall-mounted or stand mounted) are on offer to compliment your system.

The importance of the centre channel loudspeaker in any surround system cannot be overstated. Correct matching of balance and quality is essential to provide convincing panning and positioning effects. Spendor's ability to reproduce speech articulately and accurately is perfect for this crucial speaker in any surround or home theatre system.

Any Spendor loudspeaker can be used for rear channel applications, and the popular S3/5R2 mini monitor is now available with an adjustable wall bracket for a diversity of high performance multi-room and multimedia applications.

Spendor does not manufacture sub-woofers, but recommend products from well-respected, dedicated sub-woofer manufacturing companies such as REL and Velodyne.

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