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Ecosse was the first UK company to announce the release of the highest spec HDMI cable available on the market today; the astonishing HDMI Picture-Perfect ULTRA MkII 1.3 spec , which will enable the next generation of HDTV's, PCs and DVD players to transmit and display content in billions of colours with unprecedented vividness and accuracy. Ecosse's new HDMI 1.3 cable supports more than double the current HDMI single-link bandwidth of 165MHz (4.95 Gbps), up to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) and also adds support for Deep Colour technology (up to 48-bit colour depth), a broader color space, higher resolution and refresh rates, support for new compressed lossless digital audio codec formats used on HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs ( DolbyR ThrueHDTM and DTS-HD Master AudioTM ) and automatic audio/video synching capability ('lip sync'). The HDMI ULTRA 1.3 has being certified for 1080p (1.3 spec) transmission on all cable lengths up to 7m; and 1080p/Cat1, 1080i/Cat2 on lengths beyond 7m.

HDMI signals present a great challenge to cable manufacturers, because their extreme speed makes them especially sensitive to cable quality. Ecosse HDMI cables provide unprecedented signal transmission over longer distances thanks to their superior conductor materials and proprietary cable construction which follow in the traditions and high-reputation they command among discerning audio and videophiles.

Ecosse's newest addition to their HDMI cable range reflects their determination to continue evolving ahead of future consumer demands. As Ecosse MD Elliot Davis noted: 'The incredible 10.2 Gigabit per second capability of the new HDMI format provides the potential to produce the highest performance ever available in the most demanding home cinema and professional A/V applications.'

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