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Power Chord

Big Red


We've experimented with various premium power cords, and we've reached an important conclusion: the cheap power cords included with even expensive audio gear are trash. At the most basic level the first thing to do is to replace your standard mains cables - they're kettle leads for goodness sake - with Ecosse PowerchordsTM and so make sure the mains sockets feeding your system can do their job correctly.

You may not know it, but your power cord may not only be delivering current to your electronics, but may also be acting like an antenna receiving EMI and RFI generated from appliances, cell phones alarm systems, satellite broadcasts, computer networks, on and on the list goes. That cord is broadcasting EMI and RFI straight to your gear. Not only that, your cord is also probably sending grunge inherent in the incoming AC to your audio system as well. The end result 'noise'.

Noise masks detail, cuts musical decay times short, and acts like a hazy smog over the entire musical spectrum. Even if you own a power conditioner or surge protector, your power is vulnerable for that cable run to your gear.

Dealing with the mains should be considered fundamental. It ensures one of the most cost-effective upgrades. One could go as far as to say that a mains power cord should be considered as equally important as an interconnect or loudspeaker cable in terms of system synergy/maximum enjoyment. Put them on your 'front-end' and prepared to be amazed.

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